Workshops are an important part of Connecting Life. Therefore I offer a variety of workshops on kitchen skills and food preparation of all sorts. Many of the workshops that I offer are on fermentation of a variety of foods as that is very beneficial to health. Those are not the only ones as some people need to start at the beginning with knife skills and cooking skills. Nothing wrong with that, all of it can be learned. 

Do you want to learn more about cooking? fermentation? or dehydration?
Many people are struggling with making food from scratch at home these days, as they have not been taught how to cook food, ferment food, or dehydrate food. We are here to help.

Cooking food at home is an important skill to have, so that you can feed your family nourishing foods at home. 

Fermentation is another topic that we do workshops on because fermentation is great way to make great nourishing foods for your family. Fermentation alters your foods a little. This preserves it and makes it easier to digest. In some foods it improves the amount of nutrients in the food. 


Dehydration is another skill that most people have not learned anything about or know how to do. Luckily it isn’t all that difficult.

When you are interested in these workshops, feel free to contact me through my contact form and we can set something up. Alternatively you can join one of the already organised workshops on the cooking, fermentation and dehydration pages.

Workshops on offer

I offer a variety of workshops to you. I’ll list them below.


  • Cooking skills
  • Cooking skill for children
  • Knife skills
  • Fermentation of all sorts
  • Broth making
  • Other food related workshops can be asked about and organised, just let me know. There is only so much I can list here.

How it works

If you would like, you can come to my home and we can do the workshop. The limit for the amount of people coming to my home and working together with me in my kitchen is two. My kitchen simply isn’t big enough to have more working in there.

Otherwise you can get a group of friends together and hire a venue where we can go through it all. I prefer to keep the groups small (4 to 5 people) so that everyone can get enough attention and support to learn, and of course ask questions!

There is also the possibility to do it in your kitchen, but then make sure that the amount of workspace and the amount of people match.

The cost per workshop is £30 per person when we do it at my home.

When I come to you or go to a venue of your choosing I charge £0.45 per mile on top of the £30 per person.

In case you are unable to afford my prices, please do contact me. As a community service I will offer a free spot in my workshops several times a year, so we can find a way for you to participate in some of the workshops. I love teaching people how to ferment foods and with that create a healthy gut microbiome and with that become happier and healthier.