A different version of you exists in the mind of everyone who knows you.


The person you think of as “yourself” exists only for you, and even you don’t really know who that is.

Every person you meet or have a friendship or relationship with creates a version of you in their minds.
You are not the same person to your mother, father, bother, sister, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents, friends, colleagues or neighbours.
There are as many versions of you out there as you know people, all in their minds. 
A different “you” exists in everyones mind, and the “you” that you know as “you” is really not “someone”, you are as many someone’s as the amount of people you know.


Think about this. 
You go to the cinema. You get your popcorn and a drink, walk to your seat, and sit down.
The film starts. It’s about you. 
You see yourself walking in the woods and yes, that is totally you, you completely recognise yourself in that person.

Then you mum walks in and the film changes to the perspective of your mother. You do not recognise yourself all that well anymore. This you is different that the you that you know. Then your dad walks in and the film changes to his perspective. You feel a little insulted as clearly he didn’t understand some things and you really feel like you need to explain to him that things weren’t the way he sees them.
Then you little brother walks in. His perspective of you is really different again. You didn’t know he looked up to you like he does. You don’t really feel worthy of that admiration as you don’t really feel that strong and big. But your little brother sees you as a strong confident person. 
Then your colleague walks in and things change to her perspective. Oops…you didn’t know she saw you that way. You are definitely as skilled as she is, if not better, why would she think she’s better and why is she so nice to you when she doesn’t see you the way you do.

And the film keeps going on and on until you leave the cinema. That was quite an experience. You realise that the way you see yourself, nobody does and the way someone else sees you, nobody else does either. Who are you?


How did this land with you?
How did it make you feel?
Do you have anything to add or comment on that? I’d love to know your thoughts.