The Infant Microbiome and Epigenetics

This course was so interesting. I love the microbiome and I love epigenetics. The connection between the two made them both so much more interesting. My daughter said I was fangirling over the microbiome and epigenetics. I don’t think she was wrong, although we both laughed about it.

This course taught me a lot about the links between the microbiome and epigenetics. I learned how the health of the microbiome has an effect on genetic expression. 

This made me realise how very very important it is to make sure that your microbiome, which includes your gut health, is healthy, or as healthy as can be to keep your gene expression being the healthy ones, which helps prevent chronic illness.
This all starts in infancy, actually even before birth.

The important seeding of the baby during birth is one of the important factors in creating a healthy microbiome. 
There was a lot of information on the various pregnancy and birth practises that are happening in our modern world and what the effects on the microbiome are.
The range was from antibiotics for a UTI, or a C-section, augmentation, induction. They were all discussed and of all it was shown what the potential inplications of them can be.

              The Infant microbiome and epigenetics 15 April 2020

This course was absolutely fabulous. Totally up my nerdy alley. Just amazing. I’ll have to read through again some day soon. Loved it!