The Complete Relationships Coaching Masterclass

This course was interesting, it taught me a lot about how people build relationships and how to deal with differences between people. We all come from different back grounds, so we all need to find ways to give our partners freedom to flourish in their own lives, which they share with us. 

Relationships Coaching Mastersclass

What did I learn? I learned how to help people create a good basis for a relationship. How to look at themselves first before they blame things not working for them on their partner. How to do the groundwork and build the foundations for a rock solid relationships. How to look at their own identity and meaning and how to get objective in their relationship with their partner. I learned what is needed to feel free and secure in a relationship and I have come to the conclusion that both are indeed necessary at the same time, despite that maybe sounding impossible. I learned how people can find ways of communicating effectively despite their differences. Furthermore individual characters was discussed and how to learn to trust each other. Trust is an immensely important factor in a relationship, it can make or break it. The moment trust is violated things tend to go downhill from there. Next up was timing and relationship myths. Another really interesting topic that I was taught about was the different types of relationships that Aristotle described. How to manage a crisis in a relationship was another topic. A very interesting part of the course was how people can get to a point where they know they are good enough. 

The last bit was about people who are approaching a relationship or looking for a relationship and how to handle all the things that come with it. In all quite interesting and quite educational.