Below you’ll find some featured testimonials. When you want to read more testimonals from my satisfied clients, please click on the title links which will take you to the page they are on. They have been divided by topic of coaching or practise.

I studied with Diana for a year and every time we met, she had this way of speaking and pacing the meetings that allowed me to express and feel complete with everything that I needed to convey.  She could pull out the meaning of what I was trying to say when I felt stuck in heart or mind.

I was able to move forward by making connections to my goals and desires or acknowledging my blocks and self sabotage efforts.  Somehow, effortlessly it seemed, I was able to travel step by step in the conversation to find my own unique solution and clear direction.

She always followed through, guiding me to the resources that I needed. She is so well read and diversified that I could ask her anything and she would know about it!  Through her great skills, I felt confident in my own skin and what I could do in my daily life because of conversing with her.  I highly recommend her.

RR in G – 10/03/2021

I wasn’t sure about working with a life coach. I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk about. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to make goals. I took the plunge and found that actually, it was a welcome support, one I didn’t know I needed, it helped me make my naturally arrive at some goals and set my own levels of accountability. Knowing we were due to talk again, kept me focused and moving forward. On top of that, I just really enjoyed my time with Diana, who is so open, available and natural, she held space for whatever I found I needed to discuss and allowed me to work towards the positive outcomes I wanted. I’d recommend anyone just have a couple of sessions, be open to a great experience, expose yourself to her gifts and see what transpires. Thanks Diana. X

LA in I – 12/03/2021

Testimonials Mental Fitness / Positive Intelligence

Before I started the Positive Intelligence programme I had the feeling that it’s just all about the human development cliches, but I realised after that it’s totally different. I liked the way the programme handles core issues and how they are linked to our day to day situations and feelings. The programme can help in so many areas in our life, but personally it helped me a lot with my relationship issues. With the help from Diana who is a very good listener and a nonjudgmental personality, I managed to go through a very sharp bend in my life. Even though I still need to go through a lot, I feel I will be good and I will get the best of any situation life will put me in.

AM in Guildford – 17/05/2021

Testimonials Health & Nutrition

Good morning!!!!

I would like to let you know about my bloodwork and the use of antacids.
All my bloodwork was perfect, only cholesterol was a bit high. So that is fine.
I’ve stopped taking antacids for a while now and live and eat the way you’ve sent me in the handout. When I watch the way I eat it’s almost 100% over!!!!Without the meds, another pill less, which makes me very happy!

Stefan Leloux, The Netherlands – June 2022

Diana is a great health coach with an outstanding approach and in-depth knowledge.

JT in UK,  01/05/2020

Testimonials EFT Practitioner