I meant it. Your positive attitude, wonderful way of being and experience make a great combination all together and you’re just a natural I really enjoyed working with you and for me you were a fantastic help. I was really scared by the entire pregnancy and birth situation, didn’t know if I could go through it and you helped me tremendously, gave me some of that calm attitude I really needed and helped me not to be scared of the whole thing.

Words will probably never be enough to thank you

Izabela S – Ash, UK – 2018-2020


Enter your text here…

I had the privilege of having powerful coaching sessions with Diana on multiple occasions where every time I left with many insightful thoughts and decisions. She is wonderful at bringing out her clients’ hidden goals to surface. And helping them work on determining the direction to take in order to reach those goals. It’s a real pleasure to work and spend time with her. I would recommend her to anyone who would want to make their lives more meaningful.

Ipek Williamson – Canada – 2020

Hi there, hope you’re doing well. Saw your last interview with the lady from Nairobi and I think it was the best one so far because everything she said made perfect sense, it was fluent and the examples she gave were really helpful to me thinking of my future relationship with Callum when he’ll be older…

And I really liked your approach with your 2 youngest ones to go out on Saturday nights, have a deep chat then have fun. That’s a brilliant thing I think because I can imagine how they feel comfortable in confiding in you, not being judged and just having your full support and understanding. It’s great. I fully enjoyed the interview, best out of the 3 I’ve seen so far, the lady definitely has her head screwed on properly

Iza S – Woking, UK – 01/11/2020

During my first coaching session with Diana, I was so amazed by her ability to be with me in the room, to listen and to point out exactly what I was trying to say, as my thoughts were pretty dispersed! As a result I have managed to make a map of future actions and contact appropriate help for what I wanted to achieve! Thank you Diana, I look forward to many more sessions together!

Ela M – Woking, UK – 09/11/2020

I felt like I could be myself with Diana and not be judged. I always started the call off feeling so down and once it was over she had me feeling great. I’m grateful for the tips on making a personal commitment to myself, advice on good audio books for self help and ideas for study. I improved my morning routines with her advice which has helped to improve my day. She is a really fun, light spirited person who is full of kindness, compassion and most of all humour. She makes a fabulous coach and I hope to keep in touch in the future.

Vanessa L – Ipswich, UK – 13/11/2020

I need these conversations every day!

V.G. – P – 15/02/2021

I had a great session with Diana talking through some relationship related issues. She was very open, understanding and really understood my situation. She provided great advice which has really made me think differently. The way she approached it allowed me to come to my own conclusions and more importantly by doing so feel more confident. I would thoroughly recommend Diana and I look forward to my next session with her.

AA – England – 01/03/2021


Diana’s recommendation as a coach was passed on to me with the words, “you are in very safe hands”. From the initial meeting and process of self-growing and with the assistance of Diana’s coaching skills and insights, I have moved through a very indecisive stage in my life, where I lacked confidence into a wonderful world of possibilities and opportunity. Thank you Diana for making me feel instantly at ease and for the positive rapport we built up throughout. I have never looked back, thank you from my heart.

AB – England – 05/03/2021

I have worked it out. Thank you for the nudge.

KT, UK – 04/03/2021


I studied with Diana for a year and every time we met, she had this way of speaking and pacing the meetings that allowed me to express and feel complete with everything that I needed to convey.  She could pull out the meaning of what I was trying to say when I felt stuck in heart or mind.

I was able to move forward by making connections to my goals and desires or acknowledging my blocks and self sabotage efforts.  Somehow, effortlessly it seemed, I was able to travel step by step in the conversation to find my own unique solution and clear direction.

She always followed through, guiding me to the resources that I needed. She is so well read and diversified that I could ask her anything and she would know about it!  Through her great skills, I felt confident in my own skin and what I could do in my daily life because of conversing with her.  I highly recommend her.

RR in G – 10/03/2021

I wasn’t sure about working with a life coach. I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk about. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to make goals. I took the plunge and found that actually, it was a welcome support, one I didn’t know I needed, it helped me make my naturally arrive at some goals and set my own levels of accountability. Knowing we were due to talk again, kept me focused and moving forward. On top of that, I just really enjoyed my time with Diana, who is so open, available and natural, she held space for whatever I found I needed to discuss and allowed me to work towards the positive outcomes I wanted. I’d recommend anyone just have a couple of sessions, be open to a great experience, expose yourself to her gifts and see what transpires. Thanks Diana. X

LA in I – 12/03/2021

Working with Diana over the past few months has been remarkable. Her style of coaching is by way of an easy conversation that can get to the heart of the matter. She has a unique way of easing the information out of you and she knows if you are resisting so you can’t hide. Often I would attend sessions without a specific goal in mind, just with a number of thoughts floating around my head causing a cloud of confusion. As we would talk through the sessions that cloud would start to dissipate leaving a clear blue sky of possibilities leading to creative actions to take.

Diana is very funny, insightful and caring. She holds a space where you can vent, reflect or be silent without feeling pressured to perform a certain way. 100% she holds you to account but 100% she knows how to hold you to account as she recognises the individual that you are.

I would highly recommend Diana to guide you down the path that you have already chosen to walk. Thank you Diana.

Valerie, UK – 29/03/2021

I worked with Diana for 2 months and during this time she held space for me to find my own answers as I realized that they are inside of me all along.

Her gentle way made me feel comfortable enough to open up and share my struggles and she also held me accountable to the actions I committed to after each session.

It was a great experience to work with Diana and have her as a guide to listen, to hold space and to be an accountability partner.

Valerie, Peru – 13/04/2021

Life creates continuous challenges, and these challenges can place us in a rut. Having an effective, transformational coach can help look at what is happening and why. My session with Diana Boskma opened up windows of insight and strategies that have been truly helpful.
With gratitude,
Jane, USA – 01/06/2021


An hour well spent! Had a chance to schedule a call with Diana. I really appreciated her time. Made me realize that my market needed me… I have to show up… Up my game for my business to make people know what I have to offer… Make connections… The journey may not show results asap but success will definitely come to those who are consistent. Thanks Diana! 

Marnie Escio – Philippines – 09/06/2021

Working with Diana has been very helpful for my business and my life.  In our coaching sessions, Diana helped me to gain clarity and I had several aha moments that I had not come to before.  Her calm and steady demeanour guided the session so I was able to make decisions, that felt right for me, about how to move forward.  

I would highly recommend Diana, she helped me gain a deeper understanding of where and how I was stuck, explore processes that got me going and flowing and I was able to move ahead with purpose and confidence. 

Lauren Sweet – South Africa – 23/09/2021

I had 3 sessions with Diana during what has been the most major period/ periods of transition in my life. Coaching someone to navigate smoothly through these must have been no easy feat. I was retuning home and re-orienting after 9 months abroad, making the decision and navigating the process of packing up and letting go of my apartment to prepare for a year of potential travel, and experiencing a very painful breakup. Having Diana’s support during this time had been pivotal in allowing me to find clarity, not get sweeped up in overwhelm, and to find and maintain my center and my vision. On the calls she was attentive, a supportive presence and able to ask the exact questions needed and prompt me in the directions to find the creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. I left each session with tangible action items, I had not been able to see prior, hat allowed me to make manage every challenge I faced. Her presence also helped me maintain my confidence, hope and self esteem. I highly recommend working with Diana if you are seeking clarity, support or guidance when making or wanting to make changes or improvements in your life.

Amy G – USA – 23/09/2021

Diana has helped me to gain more clarity in my business. Thanks to her coaching sessions, I feel much more confident and empowered to get out of my comfort’s zone and do the things I thought I wasn’t capable of. Thank you Diana for your guidance & support.

Laura de Sans – Switzerland – 2021


I worked with Diana on an issue to do with personal productivity and focus.  I found her to be calm, thoughtful, resourceful, completely nonjudgmental and effective.  I am happy to say I noticed a definite and persisting benefit from our brief interactions and would recommend her services.

Brendan O’Brien – Ireland – 2021