When children grow older their needs do change. Nothing drastically, but they do change. As a parent you want to make sure that you are prepared for this.
When you are new to all of this, that is fine, it's never too late to improve nutrition.
It can also become more difficult when your teenager is out and about a lot. It will be good to talk to your teenager about the importance of good nutrition. How this will influence the rest of their lives.
How do you deal with the differences in point of view of you and your friends, their friends parents and such.
Things can become a bit daunting. What is the right path to take with regards to feeding your family?
In these sessions we will talk about all of the above. What type of nutrition will bring out the best in your teenager. How to deal with them being out and about. How to deal with influences of others and negative, or sometimes even hostile attitudes of others. We will also talk about how to make their favourites nutritious. A pizza can be nutritious, hamburgers can be nutritious. And it doesn't need to taste much different either.

Sessions on how to get your teenager into the kitchen with you and help you make food are also an option. For many teenagers food becomes so much more interesting when they learn how to make it themselves. Just build it up slowly.

  • is it for me?
  • what is the goal?
  • how will i benefit?

Your teenager will be healthier than some of their peers will be. Your teenager will rarely be ill, or improve in their health. Your teenager will learn to appreciate a large variety of foods and enjoy them.
Your teenager will also learn how to help you in the kitchen and as they grow older they will be able to make foods or whole meals of nourishing foods from scratch.