What is Birth Coaching / What does a Doula?

A birth coach / doula is a trained labor coach / doula who assists you during labour and birth. A birth coach / doula provides you with continuous emotional and physical support, as well as assistance with other non-medical aspects of your care. A birth coach / doula can be hired to attend hospital births as well as home births.

This service is a special type of birth coaching / doula. For StillBirthDay I have been trained to help women who birth their baby at any trimester with any outcome. This includes women who choose to terminate their pregnancy and would like to have a birth coach / doula support them.

  • is it for me?
  • what is the goal?
  • how will i benefit?

Your benefit is that you will likely have fewer medical interventions as I know a large amount of natural ways to help the birth process progress naturally. This is healthier for you and your baby. Other than for a full-term live birth I have been trained to help parents who go through birth of any outcome in any trimester. Under those circumstances, having fewer medical intervention is also healthier for you and also for a potential premature baby.