Spiritual Coach

Over the years I have gone through several courses provided by Transformation Academy which is run by Joeel & Natalie Rivera. In 2021 I noticed another course that sounded interesting. Spiritual Coach. I couldn’t really picture what it would mean, which was for me enough to want to learn more. 

    Udemy Spiritual Coach

Transformation Academy Spiritual Coach

This course was very interesting as it went deep into how to help clients with self perception and self worth. There was a lot on how to help clients with building a meditation practise. Furthermore a good amount of the course was about emotional well being. One of the things that I found really interesting was the part in which they went deeply into how you connect with your higher self through meditation. 
Body balance and physiology was also addressed with regards to how that works for success.
Overall a wonderful course that added another dimension to my coaching for clients who are more spiritual or want to grow in their spiritual practise.