Some can afford to get rid of the products they don’t want to use anymore. That would be ideal. This is how you can do it.


In case you can afford it, it is ideal to actually replace the products that aren’t nourishing with nourishing products. So when you can replace products like white salt for better versions, or white sugar for better versions, get rid of sugary breakfast cereals and such, do go for it.
You could then also get rid of all the packaged foods, the microwave meals and all those kind of things. From then on you can start cooking your foods yourself. This doesn’t mean you can’t put food in the freezer. You certainly can when you do batch cooking and such. Those are then healthy versions of the old microwave meals that used to be in your freezer.

I would not just throw it all in the big. This would be a waste and would be bad for the environment. People will keep using these products as many do not know or do not care enough. So I would recommend that you donate to either the food bank or post it on a sharing site like Olio. When you have full packs of sugar, salt or breakfast cereals, you could also donate.


Food bank

The food bank in the UK takes a lot of products. They tend to go for the processed versions as they have a longer shelf life. They also go for tinned foods a lot. For those in need it is better to be fed than hungry, so if you are replacing think about donating to the food bank. There is a high need of food for the food bank in many countries, so really do consider donating to the food bank when you go for replacing. There are so many people who have too little food. It is always better to be at least fed than to go really hungry, even if the foods are deficient. When you want to donate good foods to the food bank have a look at what the better versions are of the foods they ask for. There are chances that they do not want different qualities, it depends on where you live I guess.



Another option you have is to use an app like Olio. Olio also has a web browser based option to post what you want to share. The site is for sharing things you do not use, not just food. But when you go for replacing products you do not use anymore, consider putting them on Olio if the food bank is not an option for you.


Pantry make-over coaching

When you can afford it and want to do it the pantry make-over is the way to go. I can help you through it step by step. We’d talk about which products you have, you can send me pictures of your pantry and such and then we’ll talk about it all and I’ll explain to you which products are better versions of what you have in your pantry.
This is a coaching service that I offer. It falls under Health Coaching. There are many other things that I offer to help you and your family have a better diet and with that better health. Just have a browse through all coaching services that I offer.

I hope to talk to you soon.



How do you feel about replacing?

What do you think you will do?

Do you think replacing is for you?

Or would you rather phase products out bit by bit and use up what you have?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I love chatting with you all about it all.


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