I offer several different types of services. Over the years I have done quite a bit of education for all of them and I continue my education to improve my skills. Below you will find the different types of services I offer.


Over the years that I have been coaching I have become certified in various fields. This means that I have been helping people with many different things in their lives. I first trained as a health coach as I love helping people get healthier through improvement of diet. I do also do life coaching and relationship coaching. I’ve found that health and wellness means that it’s important to look at all aspects of someones life, there is more to life and health than just diet and nutrition. Mental health and fitness is also an important factor for health.
Many people are in need of making changes in their life or lifestyle which isn’t limited to their diet Humans are complex beings and with that it’s good to take a look at all aspects of their life and create growth.
Health and wellness is not just nutrition and diet, but is much wider than that.


My work as a Doula is for women who would like to have someone coaching them through their birth. Because I am not only a birth, but also a bereavement Doula, I offer this service to women for a birth in any trimester and with any outcome. I find this very important. Sometimes things do not go as planned and women will need to be able to access support under any circumstances.

I also offer Post Partum Doula services. I am still in education for that at present, but have done a variety of courses as you can see in my certificates and diploma’s that will make sure I will do a good job at supporting you after the birth of your baby.



Real Food Advisor

For a lot of people it is quite overwhelming to find their way through the changes that are needed to make the change to a more nourishing diet happen. This is why I help like this as well. I will walk you through the changes in your pantry, I will help you with menu planning. Either I do it for you or teach you how to do it. The shopping list is added and then we go through the equipment in your kitchen and the safety of those. It’ll all be good, but I do realise it’s not something you do overnight. One step at a time. One talk at a time.




As I love helping people get healthier I offer a wide variety of workshops, not just on nutrition, but also on relationships and other coaching area’s. 
I do admit I really love the cooking and fermentation workshops. One of my favourites is actually the workshops for mother and child where we play together in the kitchen with food. I find it really important that children learn from a young age how to cook and ferment food. It’s one of my loves in life.