Safe Sleeping

These session will be all about you creating the best and safest sleeping arrangement for your family.
Safe sleeping does not necessarily mean that a child has to be in another bed in another room.
That is actually not the healthiest sleeping arrangement. Babies and young children need to be close to an adult to feel safe and comfortable sleeping. Therefore I have created these sessions, so that we can talk about all the possibilities and how to create the safest environment within those choices.

When you want to breastfeed and want to parent gently then you are likely going to wonder about sleeping arrangements. Within those parameters co-sleeping is usually the way people choose to go. Breastfeeding is often easier when you co-sleep.
Co-sleeping can be done totally safe. Let’s have a talk about it.

The goal is for you to understand what the parameters are of safe sleeping. They aren’t necessarily liked to the place of sleeping.
Dr. James McKenna did a lot of research into mother and child sleeping in his sleeping laboratory. Many of his findings are not shared by Health Care Providers. This is unfortunate as it would save a lot of stress for both parents and children.

Less stress about sleeping. Knowing what safe sleeping looks like. Knowing what the optimal way to sleeping is with regards to breastfeeding and gentle parenting.
Knowing the difference between the scientific findings and the opinions of others.