Relationship Coaching Workshops

This course was very specific on how to run workshops for relationships coaching. It explained the purpose of workshops and the differences between couples coaching and workshops. I was also taught what different types of workshops could be done for couples about relationships. 

Relationship workshop facilitator

Relationship workshops

I learned a lot about workshops, why workshops, how long they should be, why which length is more beneficial, which types of workshops and which types are more beneficial for which type of people. They taught me a lot about how to create engagement. The course got into belief and soul mates, the difference between being in love and true love. There were lessons on what an enlightened relationship is and how people can create that for themselves. The importance of self reflection was discussed. The effects of being addicted to love and drama and how to get out of that cycle. We were taught about the importance of breaking bad patterns and what the warning signs are. There was a whole lesson on rewiring beliefs. Furthermore the importance of communication and teamwork was discussed in several lessons. The next topic that was addressed was the importance of forgiveness and the differences in apology languages and how that affects relationships and people and how to make them work for you. We then continued with happiness, how to create it for yourself and your partner and what the principles of happiness are. 

The next classes were on creating your own vision for yourself when you are single. Making sure that you know what your non-negotiables are. Having a clear picture for yourself what you need and want from a partner. What is important to you and how you want to shape your relationship with your future partner. How to be a match to your dream relationship and how to sustain love. 
We then went onto how to create an enlightened relationship

What I found really interesting about this course was that it was about a relationship, not about a monogamous relationship, but simply a relationship. It made that everything I learned in this course can be used for people who want to have a monogamous relationship, but also for people who are polyamorous and want to live that way. It gave a lot of room for using it for people in various types of relationships and dynamics. That made it all the more interesting for me as a coach who wants to be inclusive.