This course I really enjoyed, I learned the points on various areas of the body, the feet, the hands, the ears, but also acupressure and how to use magnets for health problems. For this course I received my certificate with an average grade of 8 (out of 10). I did not sit my exam because of personal problems which made it impossible to attend.

Reflexology Certificate

The topics of this course were children’s diseases and developmental problems, respiratory illnesses, including asthma, skin conditions, muscle and joint problems, mouth and teeth problems, throat, nose, ear and eye problems, heart disease and circulation problems, women specific problems, men specific problems, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding issues, urinary tract problems, kidney problems, thyroid problems, digestive problems, nervous system problems and mental health problems and how to treat these problems with pressure points on the hands, feet and ears, but also with acupressure and magnets.