Real Food Advisor

As a Real Food Advisor I can help you in many ways. Menu making, shopping lists, pantry make over. All sorts of things like that. When you live local to me I can do this at yours. When you don’t, we can do it video video chat.



The first thing we’ll discuss is the transition you want to make and what your preferences are. That way we can get into things deeper. Some will want to go Nutrient Dense, others GAPS, others Keto, others Carnivore. All are great choices, but they all require transitioning. This means that they also require a bit of a different way to go about your transition, a different contents of your pantry, different menu planning and different shopping.



When talking about this topic we’ll discuss the differences in quality of foods. What type of foods are the most nutrient dense and what type of foods are the most processed. We talk about all these so you can make the best choices for your family. We also talk about slowly transitioning your family.


Kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment is an amazing topic to talk about. Which equipment is safe? Which has toxins in it? Which is essential? Which is optional? Which don’t you really need? Lots and lots of options. What are great knives? Which are necessary knives? Which do you really not need?
You see, lots and lots to talk about.



This can make of break whether you succeed depending on your lifestyle.
I have found that many people who work, even when they only work part-time really benefit from this.

Historical kitchen


Your pantry is where your food starts. So when I help you as a real food advisor, that’s where we start. We will go through the products that you have in stock and talk about which ones are real food and which ones aren’t and why. I will give you idea’s on how to replace those with better or home made products. Processed foods do not belong in a real food pantry.
We will talk about things like stock cubes, gravy powder and such. There are great ways to make your own.


Menu planning

Menu planning is very important when you want to make sure that you and your family eat a healthy nutrient dense diet. It will also make your food bill lower when you plan ahead.
We will talk about how it’s easiest done and just talk through the options that are there. Do you want ethnic foods. Do you want to keep it really simple. It’s all possible. Once you have your menu planned you can create a list of things you need. Then you can tick off what you already have and what’s then left is your shopping list.

It’s best to plan all meals and snack. So breakfast, lunch, dinner, the morning, afternoon and evening snack. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can just be some cheese for a snack, or an apple. But when you plan it, it is there and you don’t have to go out to get more food last minute, which will then usually becomes processed.