As a health coach I am specialised in helping people improve their health through diet, exercise and such. This means that I will divert a little bit from the standard way of coaching where the coach only supports the client to make choices about their life and hold them accountable to these choices by agreeing to get certain actions done by a certain time. For the standard way of coaching the coach doesn’t need to have any knowledge on the topic. As a health coach, I have specialised in health and nutrition, therefore it is different. However, as a client, you are still the one in charge and you are the one making the choices that suit your life best.
During health coaching sessions we will discuss various topics of health and how to improve in these areas for your life. You make the choices about which areas you want to address and which actions you want to take. I do have programmes available, so in general I follow those with clients. However, it is possible to tailor our sessions your needs.

During our pregnancy coaching sessions we will discuss the importance of healthy nutrition during pregnancy. What is a healthy diet? How did traditional healthy people look at a healthy diet? What are very necessary foods? This all to make sure that you are very well nourishing, which will give you every opportunity to grow a healthy and happy baby.

These sessions are for anyone who is pregnant and wants to improve on their own health and diet to grow a happy and healthy baby.

Having a happy and healthy pregnancy, resulting in a happy and healthy baby. Having an easy pregnancy and a great birth. With the end result a happy and healthy mother as well as the happy and healthy baby.
Every little step you take towards being healthier will have a big impact on the health and well being of your baby.

You will feel much better during your pregnancy. You will have an easier pregnancy. Your birth will also be easier as you are well nourished and therefore you will have all the nutrients in your body available for the birth. Your postpartum time will also be easier as you recover faster because you are well nourished, so your body has all the building blocks available to get things done quickly and easily.