As a health coach I am specialised in helping people improve their health through diet, exercise and such.
This means that I will divert a little bit from the standard way of coaching where the coach only supports the client to make choices about their life and hold them accountable to these choices by agreeing to get certain actions done by a certain time. For the standard way of coaching the coach doesn’t need to have any knowledge on the topic. As a health coach, I have specialised in health and nutrition, therefore it is different. However, as a client, you are still the one in charge and you are the one making the choices that suit your life best.
During the coaching sessions we will discuss various topics of health and how to improve in these areas for your life. You make the choices about which areas you want to address and which actions you want to take. I do have programmes available, so in general I follow those with clients. However, it is possible to tailor our sessions your needs.

In pre-pregnancy coaching sessions I will help you learn about the ways traditional people prepared for pregnancy. Which nutrients they have found were crucial to create a healthy and happy next generation. There are several reasons why traditional people did this.
I will discuss with you how you can prevent common pregnancy ailments. How you can make sure that your nutritional stores are optimal, so that your baby will have all these building blocks available to them. This will make sure that your child will be able to develop optimally, which will make sure that all their bones and their facial structure will be proper. This way, when your child grows up, your child will have room in their mouth for all their teeth, including the wisdom teeth. When having your nutritional stores optimal there are many birth defects that can be prevented as many are due to a lack of one or more vitamins or minerals.

These sessions are for anyone considering getting pregnant who wants to improve their health before getting pregnant.

To improve your health so that you are the best health you can be, with your nutritional stores optimal, so that you can grow a happy and healthy baby.

You will sail through pregnancy and birth much easier and your baby will be well built and healthy. You will feel stronger and healthier.
Every little step you take towards being healthier will have a big impact on the health and well being of your future baby.