Positive Intelligence

This coaching programme was amazing to do. It started with a group of interested coaches first going through the standard programme that is offered to clients before being offered to join the coach programme of minimal 26 weeks. It was an amazing journey. 

Positive Intelligence

This amazing course taught me so much about how people think, How their mental fitness can grow from surviving to thriving. What stands in the way of people thriving. How those thoughts can be transformed into more useful thoughts. How there are gifts, opportunities and lessons in all experiences, be the good or “bad”. The “bad” ones have more potential to teach us things. 
This certification has given me the possibilities to fascilitate the Positive Intelligence Programme for clients, which is going through an app on the phone that gives a focus of the day and daily challenges. Other than that there are weekly video materials and there is also a weekly zoom conversation to talk about the weekly video materials and ask questions. 

This programme was created for busy executies, which means that it only takes a little bit of time during the day and has great benefits towards more mental fitness and a more positive lifestyle. 

The course included 52 hours of video material and on top of that there is every other week a live session, which continues to be available to me as a certified coach as well for further education Positive Intelligence. 

All in all an amazing training which taught me a lot.