Phytotherapy is a very interesting topic to learn about. I absolutely loved it. I learned a lot about which plants are useful for which problems. 

Phytherapy certificate

Phytotherapy diploma

There were a lot of topics that were addressed in this course. 
The first thing we learned was about how to treat the whole person in stead of just the symptoms. 
The next thing was the difference between simple and complex remedies and how some herbs increase the strength of others. 
The history of phytherapy followed.
We learned how to harvest and grow your own herbs. How to dry them and how to keep them.
We then learned how to prepare them with hot water, like a tea, but what the differences were between a macerate, infusion and decoction. We learned how to create a tincture and a medicinal wine and Swedish Bitters. Next up was a herbal syrup and how to make your own herbal tablets. Poultices were also extensively addressed and how to use them warm and cold. Furthermore a herbal salve and herbal oil was discussed and how to do a herbal bath. 
From there on the dosage was the topic. 

From there on it was all about which remedies fit with which health problem. This included how to strengthen the immune system. We had a whole section on fertility, pregnancy, birth and miscarriage, the postpartum period, breastfeeding, babies and children and children’s diseases. We also had a whole section on the elderly and how to help them stay healthy and strong. 
Furthermore a lot on accidents and infectious diseases.

In January 1995 I received my certificate as I had very good average grades. I sat my exam later that year and received my diploma in March.