Pathology and Anatomy

This course taught me a lot about the human body, how it works, which illnesses can happen and why. It has made it very easy for me to at times quickly know what was wrong with those around me based on the symptoms they had. This made it easy to treat to get them to a doctor when that was necessary. 
For this course I received my certificate with an average grade of 8 (out of 10). I also sat my exam and passed. 

Pathology And Anatomy Cert

Pathology and Anatomy Diploma

On my diploma the text reads:
I passed the exam Pathology and Anatomy with regards to diagnosing and treating children’s diseases and developmental problems, respiratory illnesses, including asthma, skin conditions, muscle and joint problems, mouth and teeth problems, throat, nose, ear and eye problems, heart disease and circulation problems, women specific problems, men specific problems, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding issues, urinary tract problems, kidney problems, thyroid problems, digestive problems, nervous system problems and mental health problems.

It has greatly benefited me having done this course as it has made it very easy for me to deal with illnesses of family and friends. I could soon help them out with a remedy or tell them that they would need to see their GP or even go to the A&E when necessary.