Parenting your Child

During our sessions we will talk about the options that are there and what you would like achieve. We can talk about ways to achieve that in a gentle way.
When you end up with things that you do not know how to handle, we will discuss these so that you will find what the right path for you is to take, so that you will remain having a loving and strong relationship with your child / children.
The ways to go about this are different for every age group.
For a baby it is mostly eating, sleeping and being physically close to their parents.
For a toddler it is already much different, as toddler loves going out and about and getting into anything.
For a child things are totally different again. They are exposed much more to the outside world and peers, which will have an influence.

For teenagers things become even more different. In those years it is very important to keep a strong loving relationship intact. For those years things such as alcohol, smoking and drugs will likely come up at some point in time. Keeping the relationship good is so important in those years. You want to know what they are doing to keep them safe and healthy.

The way I coach is only based in gentle parenting techniques. I do not approve of spanking and punishment. So therefore that is not part of what I offer in our coaching sessions. If you are interested in taking a journey away from that type of parenting to gentle parenting techniques, I will gladly help you.

My background and experience


My background is that I have been a leader for Attachment Parenting International (API) and later Attachment Parenting Europe (APEU) since the early 2000s. I have 4 children with whom I have a very good and close relationship (born in 1994, 1997, 2003 and 2008). I have learned a lot about parenting over the years. API and APEU are very good at giving their leaders information on the latest research etc. I have made sure I kept up to date.
I personally really like the way Jean Liedloff has described parenting with the Yequana. This type of parenting worked great with my own children. But there are many ways that lead to Rome as they say.

Furthermore I have, through the years, learned a lot about the various way of home educating that are there. In case you are interesting in that, we can discuss the options with regards to home educating as well.

This type of coaching is for parents who have children who are just out of their toddler years, but not yet teenagers. For parents who want to continue to raise their children in a gentle and attached way.

To have a loving relationship with your children. The build a strong foundation on which you all can grow. When you start with building a strong and loving relationship with your children when they are young you will have this sorted well before they become teenagers. That way you will have influence on your children and a good open line of communication. You will be able to talk with them about things and they will feel safe enough to share a lot with you, even the things you may rather not want to know. But is it not better to know what you would rather not know than to be completely left out of the loop?
This way you have the influence on your children and their peers aren’t the ones running their lives. Children need input from people older than they are. Peers are really not the best of educators.
I will discuss with you which ways children react to best, which types of parenting are unhealthy, or even traumatising. We will go through an immense amount of ways, there is no one way, there are many ways.

Always having a strong influence on your children and always being in the know. Once you start building a good relationship when they are young, it will last a lifetime.