Parenting & family

In this section you’ll learn all about the modules we offer in this programme, which is everything about baby’s age beyond 24 months.

In essence it’s all about nutrition and parenting from here on.
Nutrition in important to keep your child healthy and happy.
Parenting is also very important as you want your child to thrive and grow up feeling nurtured. Your child has expectations that are built in. Our time in this world as humans has set us up so that the way we are parented has a huge impact on our well being. Our continuum has made it so that a baby doesn’t feel safe when alone for a long time. This is from back in the day when we didn’t have our modern civilisation. These days we have doors on our houses and locks, so we can lock our house and feel safe. But in times gone by these options weren’t there. So a baby was safe from predators when it was near people who could protect baby.
These natural expectations are still there and as parents we need to honour those.

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