You connected the first two dots – great!

A journey begins with three things: Knowing that you want to move on from wherever you are, having chosen where you want to go, and last but not least to make the first step towards your goal.

You have already accomplished the hardest part: You know you want to move on, go beyond where you are now. And you are taking first steps, probing here and there finding the right path to your goal. You’re determined to get there, but somehow it didn’t quite work out the way you thought it would be.

You need a pathfinder:

Personal Health Coaching
Personal health coaching
None of the usual suspects of weight‐loss diets, gurus or other curious advice didn’t take on with you? Do you want to get fit again, energec, and healthy – and stay that way?

We can help you.


You want to have a baby, and want to give it the best and healthy start into life? Did you know that baby’s health starts even before conceiving!

We can teach you all you need to know.

Baby care
Baby has arrived… but now what!? From caring to carrying, from feeding to fun, there is a lot to show and tell. And fathers? You have a very important role too!

We get you on the right foot.

Parenting & Family
So you made it through the “Terrible Two” phase … and family dynamics change yet again. What’s more, there are older siblings in the mix, and you feel like a puppet on a string?

We’ve been there, done that, too!

Parenting & Family


Water kefir. The healthy fizzy drink! Win-win!

Water kefir. What is it? How to make it! It tastes amazing and it is a healthy drink. It is a naturally fermented drink and it is a fizzy drink! What is not to love! I really think everyone should drink this healthy, fermented beverage! Water Kefir My family loves,...

Bone broth, supports healing!

Bone broth is a traditional food that has kept humans healthy for thousands of years. It has been very important in many indigenous communities.In some communities it was preferred to other drinks.It is easy to make and very wholesome. Bone broth When I was a child I...

Knitting: Scourer alternative

The most common scourers sold in the supermarket are made from plastic and are really bad for the environment. So I wanted to have a better alternative. I decided to make my own. Here is the pattern.Scourers Scourers are amazing to clean dishes with food stuck on...