Newborn Care Specialisation

This was a course which was a series consisting of five different courses. The first four worked towards course number five in which it was all put together and we had to write our own texts and make recommendations etc based on what we were taught in the first four courses. This was then peer reviewed and that was where the grades came from.

1. Preventative Healthcare for the Newborn, University Colorado / Coursera, 16 September 2019.
2. Newborn Assessment, University Colorado / Coursera, 28 October 2019.
3. Keeping  Newborn Babies Safe and Healthy, University Colorado / Coursera, 15 November 2019.
4. Supporting Parents of a Newborn Baby, University Colorado / Coursera, 30 November 2019.
5. Newborn Capstone, University Colorad0 / Coursera, 7 March, 2020.