Newborn Assessment

This course is part of the Newborn Baby Care series of courses on Coursera taught by the University of Colorado. This part was about learning what to look for in a newborn to make sure they are healthy.

Newborn Assessment Colorado University

This is the text from the Coursera website about what this course is all about:

In this course, you will learn what some additional skills that medical providers do to keep babies healthy. The Newborn Assessment Course will walk you through the physical examination from head to toe. You are going to learn that this is so much we can discover just by looking at a baby. And yes, we will be listening too, and discussing how medical equipment, such as a stethoscope or a pulse oximeter, can help in your exam. You will begin to be able to distinguish some normal findings from some abnormal findings. A newborn baby is an amazing beautiful life filled with hope. There is so much that goes into making sure that babies are born healthy, and so much more to think about after they are born. Whether you are in the health care field, or even a parent, this course is the perfect educational opportunity for you to keep newborn babies healthy in the days and weeks after they are born!

I learned a great deal from this course as I had not been exposed to most of these things. This was very useful for me to learn as a Doula. I attend mothers who have a home births and then the midwife comes to visit after the birth, but isn’t there a lot of time. When I serve a mother as a postpartum Doula I am there much more time and with that knowing what I learned in this course will make it much easier and quicker for me to make sure that in case a newborn has any of these problems that this newborn will very quickly get the appropriate care to prevent more problems occurring.