Got twins? Triplets? A young sibling? No problem!
Feeding more than 1 child is totally possible. Many women have done this over the centuries.
In times gone by orphanages would hire a wet nurse. These women were allowed to feed up to 6 babies. This shows that twins, triplets or a younger sibling really doesn't have to be a problem.
You will need to learn about how to go about it though. And that's why I'm here to help you build your skills and learn the tricks.

  • is it for me?
  • what is the goal?
  • how do I benefit?

You will benefit in multiple ways. 
You will learn how to go about it. So you will be able to conquer hurdles.
You will also feel totally comfortable with your choice, which will give you confidence.
You will benefit with healthy children and a healthy mother. 
Breastfeeding is the norm and your health and that of your children will be according to blueprint.