Mental Fitness


Mental Fitness can benefit you in your career in many ways

 When talking about fitness the first thing we think of is physical fitness. We think about going to the gym to work out or lift weights, go swimming, go running, or do classes like TRX, Zumba or yoga. We all know that building up and maintaining fitness requires a certain amount of exercise per week, which takes some commitment to keep doing. It is so commonplace that fitness studios are often only a few streets away and nobody gives it a second thought.

Imagine, just for a second, what you would think about mental fitness studios dotted across the city just as ‘normal’ fitness studios are.

We rarely think about our mental fitness. This is something I aim to change.

Do you know how mentally fit you actually are?

Have you ever looked into what it means to be mentally fit? Have you ever thought of the benefits being mentally fit could mean in your life? 

Most of us have no idea how mentally fit we are, nor how to find out.  Yet, all it needs are two easy assessments that give you a first indication of where on the scale you are – and some pointers on what to do next.

Mental fitness means resilience

In everyday life, we rarely reflect on ourselves and consciously look at ourselves from the outside, as we usually live in our mind and world – it is our normal and not often questioned.  

Yet we do it all the time with others – it only takes on average three(!) seconds until we have our first assessment of people we come into contact with. And all too often, we judge. 

When we observe someone that we are regularly in contact with we can see how easy they go through life. Do they get upset a lot or do they easily deal with things? Do they smile a lot or do they look stressed a lot? There are many ways by which we can see in others where they likely are. People at either end of the scale can trigger us, be it considering them “difficult” (with all that this entails), or – envy. For the successes and ease of life. 

When we are mentally fit, they won’t trigger us that easily. We become resilient.

7 weeks and 15 minutes a day to reset your mind.

 What you’ll put in during this time:

  • A 6-week long guided programme through the app on your phone

  • 15 minutes mental fitness exercises every day

  • 8 guided weekly group sessions with a certified coach, one before the programme starts and one more at the end to make it 8 in total

  • 1-hour training material per week (available on the weekends)

You will get free access for a whole year to the app on your phone through which you access your training materials and daily exercises. Through the app you can also track your progress on your journey.

 What you’ll get out of it:

  • Feeling less stressed

  • Improved focus on what really matters

  • Increased positive attention to your colleagues

  • Improved performance in all aspects of your life

The changes can be profound, and were even visible on MRI scans of test subjects during the programme’s development phase!


“Being too busy” is no longer an excuse

Developed and provided by Shirzad Chamine, and delivered by your coach, this programme was designed from the get-go for and with busy CEOs and other people in leadership positions. 

That’s why the training material is divided into bite-size chunks that easily fit in your daily schedule. And you have a choice of several shorter exercises a day – as short as 2 minutes – or longer ones.

I am there to support you.

As a mental fitness coach, I would love to have a conversation with you about how this programme can help you improve your life. You can pick a time and date that suits you here. There are also options of doing 1 on 1 coaching with me while going through the programme to help you achieve your goals to improve your life overall, to create greater happiness, to create the career of your dreams and to create the relationship of your dreams, to name a few options. 

 Let’s create more ease and flow in your life. 

Here are two assessments that you can do to have a look at how mentally fit you are:

The PQ score shows you how much time you spend thinking negative or thinking positive
Feel free to discuss your score with me when you want to improve your score. 

The saboteur assessment shows you which of the saboteurs are the strongest ones for you.
Let me know your results and we’ll have a talk about how to improve your score.