Life Purpose Coach

When I ran into this course I hadn’t thought much about finding ones purpose in life and how to go about that. When I saw it recommended it made me think and I decided to look into it. I really spoke to me, so I enrolled.

    Life Purpose Rivera

Life Purpose OfCourse

I learned so much from this course. The first part was about how to discover your purpose, what the stepping stone to having a purpose are and what the elements are. It also included a section on the art of brainstorming, which I think is a very good skill to have as a coach.
The second part was all about discovering your purpose, passions, interests, talents, skills, personality, left versus right brain, life changing experiences and coincidences. The third part was all about eliminating limiting beliefs. That part was really important and limiting beliefs is what is stopping everyone from achieving their goals. So it was about eliminating beliefs, changing beliefs, empowering beliefs, saying no to buts, eliminating excuses and buts, your own power and taking back your own power. The last part was about how to implement and put it all together and how to make it all work for your clients.

It has certainly been good for me to do this course as it’s helped me set up my this website and and go for what I want to achieve in life as i want to help women get healthier, have healthier pregnancies, easier births and great breastfeeding journeys. I had to take care of my own limiting beliefs to make it this far.