Learning How to Learn

In 2016 I did the course Learning How to Learn. This course changed how I think about learning. I learned a LOT from it. It was really good. It also has a big influence on how I coach people and how I teach people during workshops and courses. It’s been quite an asset to me. 

UC San Diego Learning How to Learn

This course has influenced how I learn and how I teach ever since I took it. It has taught me a lot about how the brain works and how information retention works. It’s also influence how I parent my own children as they do need to learn things as well.
The teachers have written some books on the topic as well. One is for children. I have bought that and let my children read it. They learned a lot about to learn more effectively and waste less time while learning.
It’s a great course and will benefit me in many ways throughout my adventure in my business, but also in my private life.