La Leche League Leader Accreditation

After I moved abroad I was missing being able to help mothers who want to breastfeed. Therefore I decided to look for another organisation to be able to do similar work. I choose La Leche League as I wasn’t sure I was not going to move to another country again. La Leche League is an international breastfeeding organisation, so I wouldn’t have to start over again.
La Leche League works somewhat different than VBN does, which isn’t bad at all. The breastfeeding information and education is pretty much the same, very thorough. It’s just that the organisations are set up somewhat different. 

LLL Accreditation

I was really proud when I received my accreditation. I had only moved in January. Started going to my local group in March and managed to do all the work and get my accreditation by December. That was pretty quick. But I totally enjoyed it. It was amazing learning it all again and learning some of the new research and all. 

It was also really nice to learn about how the groups work and which way LLL organises things. I also went to a leader day in that time. That was quite a lot of fun as well. Meeting lots of other women who were either breastfeeding mother, or leaders, or leaders in training. I made some friends there that I am still contact with.

I also learned more about communication and how important good communication skills are. Some mothers are shy to ask questions and will need to get the space to get to the point. At times you need to find the question behind the question that is asked.