This is the first of a series that I’m going to write about equipment you can use to create healthy nourishing foods. I’ll take you on a tour through my kitchen.


There are quite a few pieces of equipment that I regularly use, that many people have not heard of, or ever used. For nourishing foods these are very handy to have. This doesn’t mean you need to go out there and get the all in 1 go. There is no need for that. Throughout the series on small steps they will pop up and the moment you are ready to start taking that small step you can purchase the equipment that is necessary and start using it.

I’ll name some of the more unusual things that I have in my kitchen that most people wouldn’t even think about:



Grain mill

I had never used a grain mill until I started learning more about nourishing foods and how grain affect the body when they aren’t fresh and fermented. It was mind boggling reading up on that and learning all about that. Some people will use a grain mill and use freshly milled grain. Other people prefer to opt out and buy organic. Others prefer to opt out of grains altogether. They are all valid choices.




I had never heard of a dehydrator before. Only when I started learning about nourishing foods did I find out that there are actually dehydrators for home use. I did know about dehydrated fruits and vegetables before that, but only purchased from the shop. I hadn’t even heard of jerky or fruit leather or anything like that. A world of very tasty and nourishing foods opened for me when i read up on this lovely piece of equipment and how to use it.



Yoghurt maker

I kind of knew about yoghurt makers for a long time. I had seen them in the whole food shop and had been eyeing them, but was never sure I would be able to and such. In the meantime I’ve figured out that making your own yoghurt is easy. And for some you do not even need a yoghurt maker. As there are a variety of room temperature yoghurts as well.



Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker which has several programmes which you can use. It is great for beginners who want to start using a pressure cooker. It is more expensive than the average pressure cooker, but it certainly does do the job really well. For me a normal pressure cooker was quite daunting to use. My mum never had, so I had not been exposed to it. But there are some days where life just gets in the way and food needs to be on the table soon. The Instant Pot also gives the option of slow cooking and sauteeing, other than the pressure cooker programmes. It even has a yoghurt maker programme on there. Great piece of equipment.



Slow cooker

I have used a slow cooker ever since I started my adventure into nourishing foods. This was an easy piece of equipment to wrap my head round. It really works for me. Especially when I’m in a good place to plan things ahead and have the food in the slow cooker in the morning, so that our evening meal is done in time. It is perfect on days where I’m not home much and need to make sure we do have a good meal in the evening. Slows cooker are amazing for broth making and all kinds of other things. I really enjoy having one.



Sprouting kit

This is another piece of equipment that I have learned to use over the years. I have had ups and downs with my consistency of using it. I usually use it more in summer than in winter. We like having more salad like foods in summer than in winter. It’s also easier to do in summer somehow. Longer days and such.


There are of course many more pieces of equipment that are needed in a kitchen, knives, cutting boards, kitchen machines, mixers, bread baking machines and all that.

Many of those are very useful, but only when you know how to use them. So I will also go into those when I’m going through all the pieces of equipment one by one to explain how to use them best. I’ll also make videos.
You’ll see which one I have. Some I’m really happy with, others I would like another model or improved model.




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