Introducing Solids

How and when to introduce solid food to babies.
There are so many ideas about introducing solids and the ideas keep changing. Also the type of foods keep changing. However, when you want your baby to reach their full potential? To be able to become all that the human blueprint has to offer? To be healthy? To be intelligent? To be happy?
That is what these sessions are about. Nutrition is super important when you start introducing solids. You want to make sure that the solids are nutrient dense and do not mess with your child’s gut health.
Therefore, things can become a bit daunting. What is the right way of feeding?
In these sessions we will talk about all of the above. What type of nutrition will bring out the best in your baby. How to deal with going out. How to deal with influences of others and negative, or sometimes even hostile attitudes of others.

When you want your baby to reach their full potential, to grow up the way the human blueprint designed people to grow up. When you want your child to grow into a healthy adult, to grow into a happy adult and to grow into an intelligent adult then these sessions are for you.

The goal is for you to become comfortable with the types of food and nutrition which is going to help your baby grow up to be the healthiest and happiest adult. It is to make you comfortable dealing with negative or even hostile attitudes towards wanting to feed your baby the best and healthiest foods you can.

Your baby will be grow up healthy. Your baby will rarely be ill, this will safe you stress and heart ache. Your baby will grow up with eating a large variety of healthy foods and enjoy them.