Insight Coach

In May John Strasser invited me to his free programme called Accelerate. I joined that as the materials were based on the book The Prosperous Coach and I really liked what I read in that book about how to coach people and how to build a coaching business. After those weeks of doing that he invited me to join his programme Immersion and from what I had learned in Accelerate I decided to join that as that is a 3 year programme.

Insight Coach Certification

After going through the programme for 4 months I received the Insight Coach certification. The course was really interesting I learned a lot and also ended up coaching others in the programme, this was something I didn’t have to do in most of the courses that I had done before. I really enjoyed doing the coaching in a different way than what I had been previously taught. Insight coaching requires far more skill than many of the more prescriptive styles of coaching that I had leanred before. In most of the my courses I was taught to be the one who is more or less the expert, which I cannot be in every area, in this course I was taught to listen, listen deeply and ask questions to help the client come to their own insights. This was quite freeing and really helped me get my clients to the next level. When I received my certificate I wasn’t done yet as there is also the advanced and master insight coach certificate but that requires many hours of coaching. The first one required me to do 50 hours before receiving it.