Ho’oponopono & EFT Tapping Practitioner

I have had an interest in Ho’oponopono for some time now and when I saw that Graham Nicholls was also teaching that and together with EFT I wanted to learn more. 

Ho’oponopono Udemy

Priority Academy Ho’oponopono & EFT Practitioner

During the 20 lectures that this course contained I learned a nice amount of things about the history of Ho’oponopono and how and why it was used in Hawaii. The historical ways of the tribal communities were quite valuable to learn about. It was fascinating to learn how this all changed when families weren’t living as tribal anymore and moved away from eachother. What grew out of this beautiful tradition into something that is very useful in this modern world was wonderful to learn about.
The way Graham integrated EFT & Ho’oponopono together this was was very educational. It gave me more tools to help clients and help them create more in their lives.