Health Coach

In 2016 a friend of mine made me aware of the Health Coach Course that the Health Coach Group was doing. I looked into it and decided that this looked really good and I would want to join. I contacted the Health Coach Group and was signed up. The course started January 2017 and was going to be intense for 26 weeks.

HCU Health Coach

This course was quite amazing. Everyone who signed up was initially in 1 group of Facebook. There we had to divide ourselves into smaller study groups who would have their own separate groups on Facebook and in those the course was going to be discussed. The materials were on the website of the Health Coach group. Lots of videos, audios and PDF’s.

Every week on the discussion questions were posted in our groups. We then discussed those and answered to the points that each of our class mates made with regards to the discussion question.  This gave a lot of discussion at times as some of the topics were really interesting and gave a lot of things to think about. The people that I was in the group with were utterly amazing people. I still have contact with them 3 years later. They have become friends.

We also were required to post every Monday 3 things that we were going to do for out business, which was outside of the classes. Three books were required to read. One on a vegan or vegetarian diet, one on a Mediterranean diet and one on a ketogenic / low carbohydrate / traditional diet.

My choices for books were:
Vegan – The Vegan Solution by Matt Stone.
Mediterranean – The Mediterranean Diet by Marissa Cloutier
Traditional: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price

From these books we had to choose one from which we had to write our assessment and answer 21 questions. I choose Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. From this I wrote out how I would plan a coaching programme for my ideal client. I initially went very far above the maximum word count and had to cut it down quite a bit. I never really managed to get to the right word count, though I tried really hard. At the end I was still slightly over and decided to leave it that way.

I passed and was very happy. After that I started thinking about how I was going to use being a Certified Health Coach as a way to earn a living. It’s been a very good and interesting experience ever since. Part of this experience you can see on this website.