Happiness Life Coach

This course was an advanced Life Coach course as the focus was on Happiness Coaching. It was for me very interesting and it taught me skills that I have used in my own life as well.

   Happiness Life Coach Rivera

Happiness Life Coach Of Course

This course was taught by Joeel and Natalie Rivera. Their own institute is Transformation Services, but this course was available through Of Course. It wasn’t a long course, but very focused on people creating their own happiness and how to do this. 

The course taught about people’s desires and expectations. How their limiting beliefs stop them from achieving what they want. The influence of the ego and identity. How what has happened in the past and present has an influence on the future. The patterns and conditioning of people. The influence of the current mood and emotions. 
And how to use that all in a positive way to unleash happiness.
It was a great course for me to do. I learned a lot from it and implemented much of it with good success in my own life. It has changed my own life for the better, having done this course. I love helping others work through their issues in a similar way and create their own happiness.