Goal to Success Life Coaching

This course was another one of those that was on a topic that I hadn’t give much thought. After all I’m a Health Coach. But once I read through the curriculum I found it very interesting and decided to take it. I do not regret it at all.

Goal to Success OfCourse

Goal to Success Rivera

Life Coaching is about all kinds of things, and reaching goals is certainly an important one of those. So when I ran into this course I read the curriculum and thought that it would be very interesting.
Part one was about identifying what you really want, what your goals are. Clients need to be able to get to that within themselves to determine where they want to go. They need to have goals and they need to have reasons to reach those goals. The dreams, the desire and the vision are very important to have.
Part two was about talking with a client about them believing that they can achieve it. So it was about what the unconscious mind can do, learning how to change, what the cycle of change is, having faith in oneself, overcoming doubt and using affirmations to reach your goals.
Part three taught me how to draw up a concrete plan with a client so that they can be successful. Setting SMART goals, having todo lists, accountability, action and then assess how far they’ve come.
Part four was about staying committed and motivated. That can be a struggle at times, but it is important to stay committed and motivated. So this part has lessons on excuses and procrastination, empowering beliefs, commitment, pain and pleasure, stimulating motivation and keys to motivations, identifying what demotivates, discussing failure to success and how to overcome that, how to make small changes that have big results, how to celebrate success and the bucket list. 
Part five was reflecting on the course and drawing my own conclusions.

Many of lessons taught in this course I have started using in my own life as I love being a coach and want to be a successful coach as I want to help as many women as possible get what they want, not only in health, but also in life. My main focus is health and wellness, but that doesn’t exclude other parts of life, such as life goals, relationship goals etc. 

All in all time well spent.