This type of coaching is based on the books “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” and “Gut and Physiology Syndrome”, both written by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and the "Specific Carbohydrate Diet" by Elaine Gottshall.
GAPS is a healing protocol, through diet and supplements, to heal the gut and with that a large variety of health problems.
The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is not exactly a healing protocol. This is a diet plan that one is supposed to remain on for the rest of their lives. Though for some it does heal their difficulties over time and they do end up healed.
I personally would prefer to heal my digestive health and have done so by following a protocol based on the teaching of Dr. Natasha.
For some it is easier to just pick the SCD and feel good and just stick with it.
I want to let you know that I am not a GAPS Practitioner. This is still on my list of training that I still want to do. But that said, I do have a lot of experience with the protocol as we did it with our family from 2009 onwards. We all gained a lot from it, the results were astounding. I have also worked with clients to heal their digestive health. They also has incredible results. I have adjusted the length of the stages a bit based on my work with my clients to make the introduction protocol a bit longer as this worked better for them.
I offer coaching for people / families who are doing or going to do GAPS, be it with the help of a GAPS practitioner, which is to be preferred, or on their own. 
I also offer a programme which has a slightly longer introduction phase, but is otherwise based on the GAPS protocol.

I am also available to those who need an antibiotics course and want to make sure that their digestive health doesn't plummet from that. I can help you draw up a plan for during and after the course so that your digestive health remains well.

  • is it for me?
  • what is the goal?
  • how will i benefit?

This is for families or individuals who are following the GAPS healing protocol to achieve gut healing. This can be either on their own with help of the books, or with the guidance of a GAPS practitioner.