During fertility coaching sessions I will help you learn and understand your cycle and your ovulation signs and signals. I will share a lot of information with you about fertility and how to chart your signs. I will also share information with you about preventing or achieving pregnancy based on your charts.

Anyone who wants to know how their body works. To learn how their fertility works. Who wants to learn how they can use their fertility signs to get pregnant. And also those who want to learn how they can use their fertility signs to prevent pregnancy.

Knowing exactly when you ovulate, so that you have an easier time conceiving or preventing pregnancy. When you know your cycle and when you ovulate, you also know very quickly when something isn’t right and that way you can get help much faster, simply because you know what is going on.

You will know how your own unique cycle works. You will know when you ovulate. You will know when something is not right. This will benefit you throughout your life. Knowing how your cycle works is not limited to the years that you want to have children. You can also use it to prevent getting pregnant throughout your fertile years, without needing to use hormonal or barrier methods.