I love fermentation. I have done this for years now. I properly started fermenting foods in 2005. Before that I had occasionally dabbled into it. I have read a variety of books in which some recipes were shared. But from 2005 onwards I have taken it to another level. These days I spend quite a chunk of time in my kitchen making a variety of fermented beverages and foods. Some require daily attention, such as kefir, sourdough and such. Others need attention at various intervals. That way it’s all not too overwhelming and quite possible to do. In my morning routine I take care of water kefir, milk kefir and my sourdough starter in about 5 minutes time. Nothing too scary.Once in awhile I make several batches of sauerkraut. Then I spend an hour or 2 on cutting up cabbage and a variety of other vegetables and ferment those. That way we have for weeks sauerkraut.Every week we make sourdough bread, it’s one of the most amazing things I have ever run into. I simply love it. The flavour, the texture and the look of it are all amazing. I use my sourdough starter to make all kinds of baked goods, such as pancakes, crepes, galettes, waffles, blini, crackers, pita breads and many other baked goods, the sky is the limit.Since I have discovered all these lovely and very healthy fermented foods I have also started loving teaching people about them. They are so beneficial to health that it’s a shame not everyone knows about them and uses them.

When researching fermentation I learned that these methods are all pretty old and people used to eat all of these foods all the time, especially in Europe. These foods are what kept people healthy and strong as their gut health was in a top notch state. The less of these foods are used, the more compromised the gut health becomes and the more chronic disease we see.Here is an interesting link Yanomami gut microbiota, and another one: The inside story of the microbiome

​​​​Fermentation workshops on offer​​​​​​​​

  • Sourdough

  • Water kefir

  • Milk kefir

  • Kombucha

  • Jun

  • Tibetan kombucha

  • Sauerkraut making

  • Cheese making

  • Warm temperature yoghurt making

  • Cold temperature yoghurt making