EFT & TFT Tapping Practitioner

This wonderful course brought me from someone who tried to do tapping through YouTube videos, but never really succeed, to a practitioner who can help others with this wonderful technique. 

EFT / TFT Tapping Practitioner

This course taught me many things about EFT that I didn’n know before. I had read books and watched a lot of educational materials about EFT, but none of it made it as complete with regards to the history and the why’s around EFT and TFT. 

TFT was new to me, so that was amazing to learn about. It was beautiful to learn that EFT grew out of that.

I learned about several very useful TFT algorithms and have used them successfully with a couple of clients. EFT has become a mainstain in my practise as it’s very useful for clients who are stuck in certain emotions. 

It was well worth my time going through this and learning it all. 
I have after this one signed up for the EFT & TFT Master Practitioner course as well to round out my knowledge in the field.