A Doula is a woman who supports a woman who is going through the process of birthing her baby. The dictionary describes is as follows: “a woman, typically without formal obstetric training, who is employed to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman during labour”.
The word Doula itself comes from Ancient Greek and means “female slave”. 
I support woman and families in all kinds of situations. I offer 2 different types of birth coaching or Doula service. 

1. General birth coaching / doula service.

2. Still birth coaching / doula service, for support of women for birth in any trimester and any outcome.

First we have a getting to know each other talk to see whether we are a fit, this conversation is free. After that we meet up 2 times before the due date to get to know each other better and for me to answer your questions, help you with your birth plan and any other plans you might want to make. You also have email support from me during this period.When you go into labour you phone me so that I can come to you to support you through your birth.After your birth I will come to your home 1 more time so we can talk and I can help you with things that may have come up. Of course I can come to your home more than the 1 time included in the plan, but for that I would charge an extra fee.

I will attend births in my local area. I live near Farnham, Surrey and will drive up to 1 to 2 hours one way to attend your birth.

In case you live further away we may be able to come to a solution for me to attend your birth if you so wish, but that would need to be discussed. I am willing to travel.

My Birth Coach / Doula fee is £500 per birth. This is my fee for having two meetings, one of 1 hour and one of half an hour before your due date. You have email support before and after your birth. This includes your birth and includes one meeting of 1 hour after your birth.

You have the option of hiring me as a postpartum doula after your birth. We can discuss this in one of the meetings we have before your birth.