Cravings Cure

When you decide to go for sessions which revolve around the book “The Cravings Cure” by Julia Ross you have made a conscious decision to try the protocol described in the book “The Cravings Cure” to help yourself feel healthier and happier. You want to stop having cravings for all kinds of unhealthy foods.
What I offer is to help you go through the questionnaires and keep you accountable to do the steps that you want to take to improve your well being.

You are aware of having cravings, but don’t fully know how to deal with them yet. You are aware of the book, but may not feel strong enough to go at it alone. You want some support. I can give you that support. You may be a woman who is planning on getting pregnant and want to have your health sorted so that you can give your baby the best start in life.
You may be a man who is just fed-up with having cravings and the stresses that these put on your day to day life.
Anyone who is utterly done with having cravings and wants to become healthier, go for it, book a free conversation.

The goal of the coaching sessions is to keep you moving forward and accountable, so that you get healthier.
These sessions are about learning what cravings are and why they happen. You will learn how to use the outcome of the questionnaires to build a plan for yourself. I will help you with that. From there on you can move forward towards a healthier future.

The coaching will help you stay on track. You have email access to me between our appointments, so you can talk to me about issues you have. In general I think 1 meeting a month is likely enough, but when you feel the need for more frequent meetings, this is no problem at all.
You have a soundboard to talk about what the protocol describes and the steps to take and when to take them. I will keep you accountable, so that you move forward and get healthier without cravings.