Child Spacing

What’s the best age gap between your children?
There are ideal psychological age gaps for the children. There are ideal physical age gaps for mother and child. These we discuss in these sessions. The influence of a sibling emotionally and psychologically for the older child. The physical impact of pregnancy. The restoration of nutritional stores, how long that takes and all else that you can come up with.
Child spacing is important. Indigenous peoples had taboos on having children too quick in succession as they were rightly convinced this was unhealthy for mother and children.

When you want the best for your children, psychologically and physically, this is for you.
When you want to make sure that your nutritional stores are replenished before embarking on the journey of another child, this is for you.
When you want to make sure that you are in a physically good enough state of health to think about another child and make sure you give it all the building blocks it needs, let us talk!

To discuss the ideal age gaps between children, with regards to the health of mother and children. To make sure that mother remains healthy, that mother knows how to replenish her nutritional stores before embarking on the journey of a subsequent child.

The benefit for you will be that you remain healthy throughout your childbearing years. That you will not “lose a tooth for each child” as this is completely and utterly unnecessary. That your children will have the building blocks needed to grow into healthy children according to the human blue print. That they are healthy and happy and strong. That they have broad faces with high cheekbones, that all their teeth will fit, that they will not need braces. That their backs will be straight and many other details that are so important for both mother and child to make sure both are healthy and happy.