Breastfeeding coaching is where I keep you motivated and help you through difficult times. Every mother will have moments where things are not going as smooth as she wants them to go. When you then have good support you will sail through those times without much ado. When you lack support it will be much harder.
I have a lot of experience supporting breastfeeding mothers. I have been an LLL Leader (2005-2014) and a VBN contact person (2000-2005), both volunteering breastfeeding organisations. I am also involved with Birth Arts International. Through this institute I am working on becoming a breastfeeding educator. The curriculum used is the same as for an IBCLC. Therefore I can support you through a large variety of problems that you may encounter and help you prevent them.
I also have personal experience with breastfeeding, as I have breastfed my own 4 children full-term.

When you have decided to breastfeed your child and you want to make sure that you have support to help you through issues that may arise, then this is ideal for you.

A satisfying and fulfilling breastfeeding relationship with your child or your children. It is irrelevant whether you are having 1 child or more. Breastfeeding is possible for all.

With support women are more likely to succeed in breastfeeding than without. Your benefit is that you have someone readily available to support and help you in case you run into any difficulties or when you have questions.
Many women have very little support these days, simply because their mothers and grandmothers often did not breastfeed. Therefore it can be a bit daunting to embark on that journey yourself. But when you have support you are much more likely to succeed.