Breastfeeding Preparation

This is all about learning how breastfeeding works. The basics and some of the more common problems. These sessions are about preparing you for breastfeeding so that you have a much higher chance of succeeding. When you are prepared you know what to expect and how to react to it. This will make it go more smooth than when you end up without much knowledge.
As a former VBN contactperson and LLL leader I’m quite well versed in breastfeeding. I’m at present training with Birth Arts International for breastfeeding educator. Therefore I can help you prepare as best you can for breastfeeding. We take it step by step so you end up feeling confident.

This is for you when you want to learn as much as you can about the basics of breastfeeding and the most common issues that can arise. When you want to get to a position of feeling confident that you can handle what pops up this is for you.

The goal is that you know that you can do this. You feel confident that you know enough to make it a success.

You will learn the basics and you will learn about the most common problems that can arise. When you have that knowledge you will feel confident in dealing with them.
You will know what to expect from right after birth all through the first months. That type of confidence is what I want to achieve in the sessions between us.