Book review on: The skin, tongue and nails speak – Observational signs of nutritional deficiencies
By Donna Burke Wild

The book

The Skin, Tongue and Nails Speak
Observational Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies
Dona Burka Wild

This book is non-fiction. it is written for practitioners as a diagnostic reference book.

The theme of the book is what your skin, your tongue and your nails can tell you about the nutritional deficiencies you may have. 

What is the book about

This book is describing the the visible signs on the skin, the tongue and the nails of nutritional deficiencies in humans. The book shows many of them in very clear drawings. 

One of my favourite quotes from the book is : “Our forefathers ate animals glands and organ meats as well as bone marrow. They understood the organ meat contained more nutrients than muscle meat”.

The drawings are very good, so those are a favourite part of the book for me. 

One of the things that is different about this book than most other writings I have read is that there is some older terminology used. Instead of Vitamin K2, the writer uses Vitamin F. Vitamin G for Vitamin B2 and Vitamin P for the bioflavonoid component of the Vitamin C complex. Once you know that it’s easy to follow it all. It is explained at the beginning of the book and can easily be Googled, so there is no reason not to read the book because of that. 

I read the book as part of a book club effort, so the participants ended up discussing the book as well, which was very interesting.
I found the book very interesting and it has given me quite a few more tools to help people with various problems they may be having. The book was written for practitioners, which makes it much more in depth than a book for lay people, but that said, it is not a hard read and I would think that most people who haven’t done any education in natural healing and or health would be able to read it just as well.

My opinion on the book

The book made quite an impression on me with regards to the details that are described in there about the problems that nutritional deficiencies can cause and how this can look. The human body gives very distinct sign as to what is wrong and why someone feels miserable. This books gives wonderful information on it and also on how to help someone who has these problems.

When you yourself can see on your skin, your tongue or on your nails which nutritional deficiencies you have you can fix things very easily. The book gives very good guidelines on how to fix it as well. It leaves very little to guess.

For me personally it added to my skill set to have learned these observational signs of nutritional deficiencies, which I find very helpful in my work as a health coach.



Some more information

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