When you embark on the journey of having a baby, it is good to prepare yourself for giving birth. To have an idea of what is going to happen. To create a birth plan so that you have clear what you do and do not want happening. All in all it is always good to get yourself ready for birth.
Learning how to relax is quite an important part of giving birth. Let your body do the work it is meant to do and do not fight it. Stress and fighting the process causes that the wrong hormones end up circulation your blood stream, which will inhibit labour. Often this is called "failure to progress". 
So we go through how a birth goes, what steps you can think about, writing a birth plan and such.

  • is it for me?
  • what is the goal?
  • how will I benefit?

You will know ahead what the birth experience will consist of. You will know what to expect and how to react to what happens. You will be able to relax, which will greatly increase your chances of a natural birth.