What is Birth Coaching / What does a Doula?

A birth coach / doula is a trained labor coach / doula who assists you during labour and birth. A birth coach / doula provides you with continuous emotional and physical support, as well as assistance with other non-medical aspects of your care. A birth coach / doula can be hired to attend hospital births as well as home births.A birth coach / doula usually has done an extensive education on how labour, birth, and breastfeeding works. Therefore a birth coach / doula quite well educated and well versed in all the options. This means that a birth coach / doula is an expert in the field, but despite that you, as a mother, still make the decisions. The birth coach / doula supports you and informs you on your options. 

  • Is it for me?
  • What is the goal?
  • how will i benefit?

Your benefit is that you will likely have fewer medical intervention as I know a large amount of natural ways to help the birth process progress naturally. This is healthier for you and your baby.