Benjamin Fund

Because I have lost babies myself and have experienced how hard this can be, but also know that finances can be really hard on people, I have been doing a lot of soul searching. My family needs a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes to keep us warm, therefore I cannot do this service entirely for free, no matter how much I would love to offer it for free.

However, I have been thinking about this and have been wanting to find a solution to this issue.

A family experiencing the loss of a baby can end up with a lot of costs with regards to the funeral and such (depending on where they live) as it is, so they will need as much support as they can get, for as little money as possible. In the UK, for example, in most areas funeral directors do not charge for a basic funeral for a still born baby.

To help families in need, I have decided to create the “Benjamin Fund”. This means that I have created a paying it forward solution. Anyone who would like to support this cause, can donate whichever amount they feel suits them. Families can draw from this fund and later they can add to it when their situation is better and they feel my services were worth it for their family.

I will then serve families who are drawing from the fund and are experiencing loss without charging them my normal birth coaching / doula fees. I will of course make them aware of the opportunity to support the “Benjamin Fund” as well, so that other families experiencing loss will also be able to benefit from my services without having to navigate even more costs.

The paypal account that has been set up for this specific reason is: